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Choosing the Right Used Carp Fishing Tackle

| Tips and Advice | March 23, 2013

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When equipping yourself for your next carp fishing adventure, buying used carp fishing tackle can be a great way to save some money. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to apply the same standards you would towards a new rod or reel purchase.

Rod length is perhaps the most important aspect of any carp fishing gear. Most people agree that a 12-foot rod is an ideal average; most people will get a lot of use from a 12-foot rod in most situations. While a 13-foot rod might be more effective in deep water situations, it takes a lot of extra strength and experience to use a 13-foot rod effectively. If you’re going to be moving from spot to spot frequently, a 10-foot rod is much easier to move around with than a longer rod.

The action of the rod is also a consideration. Through action, rods are typically useful in a wider range of scenarios, whereas a fast taper rod is mainly effective in long-distance casting. Fast taper rods are stiffer and take some practice to use effectively.

Sometimes selection is limited when considering used carp fishing tackle, so be sure to get the right type of reel. A baitrunner type reel is ideal for most situations as you can adjust the resistance (or eliminate it altogether by engaging it in baitrunner mode) and choose your moment to re-engage the reel for the fight. A big pit reel’s longer distance is best for deep open water, and generally provides fast retrieves and superior cranking power.

Happy used tackle shopping!


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